The Archivio Salvo holds documentation on the works of Salvo, for publication in the catalogue raisonné. The works for which archiving is requested are examined by an advisory committee. The institution archives only those works that – in accordance with the assessment and artistic and scholarly criteria of the advisory committee – it considers to be most relevant for the purposes of publication in the catalogue raisonné. In the event of a positive outcome of the examination, the work will be catalogued in the Archive and the relative certificate will be sent. In the event of a negative outcome of the examination, the Archive will inform the owner of the work.

If you wish to submit work for examination, the following documents need to be provided:

— 2 professional colour prints of the work on 18 x 24 cm photographic paper
— 1 photographic print in colour of the back of the work, clearly showing details of any in scriptions, labels, stamps, etc. (with more than one photo if necessary)
— 1 colour copy of the authentication certificate issued by the artist, if applicable
— USB drive or wetransfer containing digital copies of the afore-mentioned photographs in .jpg or .tiff format, full image of the work, without shadows and reflexion, minimum resolution 300 dpi, minimum base 30 cm (due to the size of the files, please do not send material by email)
— form filled and signed in with information about the work (download here)
— proof of payment for the cost of the examination of the work
— permission from the photographer to publish the photo
and a de claration signed by the photographer that no claim will be made for such/ publication by the Archivio Salvo (download here)

The documents must be sent by registered mail or express courier to the following address:

Cristina Tuarivoli C/O Archivio Salvo, via Bava 1 bis, 10124 Torino

The cost for the examination procedure is €350 per work and €200 for each drawing.

The Archive accepts payment solely by bank transfer to the following bank account. Please do not send cash, bank cheques, or use any other payment methods.

IBAN: IT77W0304801000000000094761
PURPOSE OF PAYMENT: Givethenameoftheapplicantand,

if known, the title and year of the work.

At the Archive’s discretion, further documentation or the delivery of the work itself to the Archive for direct analysis may be required. If the Archive requests direct analysis of the work, the return shipment of the work, as well as the packing and unpacking procedures are payable by and the responsibility of the owner of the work. It is henceforth agreed that the Archive cannot be held liable for any damage to the work arising from its transport, packing, or unpacking. It is understood that the Archive cannot be held responsible for any damage to the work caused in any way or by anyone during the time the work is on the premises of the Archive for direct analysis
With the archive request, the applicant waives any and all such claim against the Archive. In light of the above, the Archive may make the direct analysis subject to a request for adequate insurance coverage, to be arranged by, and at the expense of, the applicant for the entire period during which the work will remain on the premises of the Archive for direct analysis.

Payment does not guarantee the issue of an archive certificate, which will take place only if, upon completion of the examination, the Archivio Salvo considers the work to be suitable for publication in the catalogue raisonné. The certificate will be issued in a single original copy and may be requested only once.

If the applicant does not have a photographer for the photographic prints as required, theArchivio Salvo recommends the photographer Sebastiano Pellion Di Persano (, who will ensure the uniformity of the images. The suggestion is made by the Archive purely out of courtesy and in no way affects the possible archiving or otherwise of the work. It is understood that the applicant will need to come to a direct agreement with the photographer for all aspects concerning the service, including expenses.

Materials sent by post will not be returned.